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Weather Service

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The e-logbooks weather service is brought to you in partnership with Weatherweb.

Compare our prices! Where can you find an aviation specific weather forecast for a maximum cost of 60p? (5 credits)
Satellite images
satellite image All our UK and European METEOSAT infrared satellite images from the last 24 hours are available free of charge:
Standard Forecast
weather forecast Audio file Listen to the latest general weather forecast for the UK FREE
WeatherLIVE! Forecasts by telephone
WeatherLIVE Call 09061 991 189 from any UK telephone. From 30 minutes to 10 days ahead, WeatherLIVE! can give you a forecast for any location or activity. Forecasters are friendly and informative and can give you the information you need. Most calls are complete in 2 to 3 minutes and cost 1.50/min.

Premium Weather Briefing

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For 5 CREDITS, e-logbooks members can obtain access to a complete range of forecasts covering the UK and western coast of Europe, which are updated daily. Included in our weather briefing pack are:
  • a 3 day planning forecast covering England and Wales
  • a choice of UK & Channel 5 Day Forecasts by region
  • European Five Day Area Forecasts covering Ireland and the coastal regions of France, the Netherlands and Belgium.
In addition to the written forecasts the briefing pack offers two audio commentaries especially devised for aviators:
  • weekend forecast
  • weekly planning forecast
View the weather briefing 5 CREDITS

Forecasts are updated by 1300 GMT daily. Forecasts are for pre-flight planning purposes only. You must check the latest Forms 214/215, Airmets, Tafs and Metars before you fly.